Friday Finds

A picture from our hike last weekend, hoping to sneak another one in this weekend!

Hi there and happy Friday!

We hope you have had a great week and are looking forward to the weekend! We’ve linked  a few of our favorite parenting-ish related finds from this week and wanted to share them with you as you go into the weekend.

This video had me doubled over laughing as Seth Meyers describes the birth of his second child… in his apartment lobby.

A beautifully written essay of a small-kindness experienced by a new mother in the midst of a stressful situation. The reader comments are almost as beautiful!

And a fun instagram post from famous author and activist Glennon Doyle as she comments on some of (her own) more relatable aspects of parenting.


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Just in case you want to know what the texts of a real live #parentingexpert look like first thing in the morning. Listen to me: this is one thing I actually do know about parenting: IT’S HARD. We must stay strong and sane-ish. We must remember that we are the Bosses of THEM. Kids don’t change their behavior when It Doesn’t work for their parents. Kids change their behavior WHEN It STOPS WORKING FOR THEM. SO- you don’t want to do the dishes cause it’s too hard??? You know what else is hard? Making dinner! You’re on your own! Finding your uniform too hard? You know what else is hard? Driving you to practice! On your own! Forgot your coat and homework? DETENTION’S GONNA BE CHILLY!!!! Let’s love these suckers enough to make sure they learn. Let’s let them fail now – while it’s (relatively) safe. Let. Them. Fail. Let them be sad and mad at us. Better to let them think we suck then keep saving them, thus ensuring that they will actually and forever suck. I repeat- we are the bosses of them. We. Will. Win. We are bigger and wiser and we have the car keys and the money. We can do hard things. Tender Reminder: don’t bring the mom shame please. I swear I will turn this blog around. Less fake, more real. Less making parenting harder by pretending it’s not hard. More room for being human while mothering. Xoxoxox love you kiddos. Good luck this week. If you need me, call someone else. Love you infinity.

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