Hangry is a combination for the words and emotions caused by being hungry and angry. It is very common in toddlers— and in the parents of toddlers.

We’ve all looked at a child having a temper tantrum and thought “that is just how I feel”. Whenever we are tired or hungry—or sometimes in need of warm shower– we are more likely to get angry with the people nearest us who are frequently our children.

It is important to understand our own needs so that we can be better parents.

Whenever you find yourself screaming or mad, stop and think.

Are you hungry? Are you thirsty? Do you need to sit for a minute and take a few deep breathes? If you are any of these things it is a good chance that your child is experiencing these stresses as well. Get something to drink or eat. Sit for a minute and take a few deep breathes.

Remember that one of the cardinal rules of good parenting is to feed and water the PARENT and the child.


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