tulips crop


Spring and Easter are here. Whether you live in the city, suburbs or country, everyone thinks about this season—and most of us get the urge to plant something. With children it is a great time to get the old Dixie cup and put e soil in it with a bean—and watch it grow in a few weeks.

Here in the Rocky Mountain Region we can get an urge to plant before it makes any sense–we will have freezes and snow for another 2 months. But in many parts of the country and the world it is a great time to plant and even harvest. Parents can use this time to talk about where the vegetables we buy at the store come from. I love having big maps penned to the wall to talk about where our oranges come from. I found that my 5-year-old grandson could sustain interest in where he is now, where he has been and where our food comes from. It’s a great way to improve our own geographic knowledge of an increasingly small world.


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